A photo of Janna Duncan with Cesar Millan on horseback working cattle, using border collies at Drummond Ranch.

Janna Duncan has had more than a decade of competition experience. Janna has experience working with and trialing a variety of breeds, including her own Bouvier des Flandres. Among television's favorite herding experts, she has been featured on NBC, ABC, A&E, National Geographic Television, Animal Planet, Dog Whisperer and The Family Channel. She conducts classes and herding demonstrations throughout Southern California, including the L.A. County Fair, Irish Fair, Queen Mary Scottish Games, California Poppy Festival, and the Special Olympics. She has also been featured in Time magazine, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Antelope Valley Press, Ventura Star, and the book “Big Dogs, Little Dogs, and Working Dogs”. She is also a licensed herding judge for the American Kennel Club, the American Herding Breed Association and the United States Border Collie Handler's Association.