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from the film, A NEVER ENDING STORY.  

Long floppy ears, short little legs, long body, big brown eyes and a tail that stood up like a baton.  We first discovered Drummond Ranch in hopes that our new dog Cleo had some Border Collie in her, but it was Harry that took to the herding process.....Off we went, as an amazing family activity on Sunday mornings, filling up the SUV with Harry, Monty, Cleo, myself and my husband.  We have never laughed as hard and cried with joy as our dogs did what came naturally, herding sheep.  We are so grateful you provided our Harry with such joy.  Many domestic dogs will never have this beautiful opportunity to do what is natural for them.  Also this provides the best exercise available to them, chasing sheep and keeping them together.  How do they know?  I will attach photos.  And please say prayers for my Harry, the love of my life.  Perhaps he is chasing sheep in doggy heaven right now?